Other Community Members


Rachel Boucher, p.m. was a Catholic School Administrator for 38 years. She oversees housekeeping and helps with the needs of the Center.

Suzanne Bourret, p.m. tends to fundraising for the Center, assists the Retreat Center Director and oversees the bookstore.

Alix Cabana, p.m. assists with various needs in the administration offices, serves in the bookstore and helps where needed.

Joan Desmarais, p.m. manages the library and serves at the center. 

Diane Dube, p.m. holds a B.A. in religious studies and an M.A.C. in counseling psychology. She is a retreat presenter, offers spiritual direction and directed retreats.  She is certified through Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, WI.

Claire Gagnon, p.m. is liturgist at Marie Joseph, where she offers directed retreats and spiritual direction.  She has a certificate from the Guelph Centre of Spirituality, Guelph, Ontario.  She also oversees maintenance.

Pauline Grenier, p.m. assists in the various needs of the center.

Ruth Ouellette, p.m. is Spiritual Animator of the MJSC Community and assists with the needs of the Center.

Donna Pike, p.m. oversees the chapel needs, coordinates public transportation to and from the Center and assists with bookstore and other needs.

Aline Plante, p.m. has an M.A. in spirituality from Creighton University, Omaha, NE with a practicum in spiritual direction, and the Exercises of Saint Ignatius.  She offers spiritual direction, gives directed retreats and is a presenter for retreats. 

Jeanne Roberge,  p.m. oversees the dining area, helps in the kitchen and serves at the center.