Sponsored Programs – Year At A Glance



17                              One Day Retreat ~ Come Away and Rest Awhile…Caregivers
20-22  &  23-25     Light & Shadow / Watercolor


15                              One Day Retreat ~ The Seasons of Our Lives
10-12                        Living the Call: Living the Eucharist
23-25                        The Center is Closed for Thanksgiving Break


1-3 31st                    Annual Rivier Retreat
9 & 10                      Christmas Concert – featuring Tim Janis
24-Jan. 1                The Center is Closed for Christmas Break



19-21                        Light in Darkness: God’s Presence in Hope and Love


16-18                        Contemplation  and Quiet ~ A Winter Special
18-25                        Religious and Lay Women’s Guided Retreat
25-Mar. 4                 Rel. & Lay Women Silent, Private & Directed Retreat


9-11                         Deep Calls to Deep ~ An Ignatian Directed Prayer Weekend
16-18                        Touching the Tassel of His Cloak ~ Going to The Source…
24                              One Day Retreat ~ Who Is This God?
23-25                        Exploring Times and Places of Sanctuary
29-Apr 1                  The Center is Closed for the Holy Days


13-15                        Watercolor with Mandalas
18                               One Day Retreat ~ Blessings, Discovering God’s Goodness
21                               One Day Retreat ~ Creatures of the Same God
27-29                         Praying with Hearts and Hands ~ Prayer Shawl


4-6                             Experiencing the Peace and Freedom of Forgiveness
9                                 One Day Retreat ~ The Word of God Abiding in You
18-20                        Praying with Hearts and Hands ~ Prayer Shawl
25-27                        Centering Prayer ~ Going Deeper in our Relationship with God


2                                 The Center is Closed for Window Washing
9-16                           Religious and Lay Women’s Guided Retreat
16-23                         Religious and Lay Women’s Guided Retreat
23-30                         Rel. and Lay Women’s 7-day Silent, Prvt, & Dir. Retreat
30-Jul 7                    7-day Silent, Prvt. & Directed Retreat


7-14                         7-day Silent, Prvt & Directed Retreats
14-16                        MRA Summer Gathering
21-27                        6-day Silent, Prvt. & Directed  Retreat
27-29                        Praying with Life’s Transitions
29-Aug 4                  6-day Silent, Prvt. or Ignatian  Dir.  Retreat


4-11                           Vacation for Women Religious
11-18                         Vacation for Women Religious
18-25                         Guided Retreat


2-7                             The Center is Closed for Pre-Autumn Break