General Information


Weekend Guided Retreats are led by a facilitator with a specific theme. Typical Cost:  $200 / Resident, $100.00 / Commuter. 

Prices may vary and are listed along with the retreat theme in the brochure. Cost per person, includes room and meals.

Week-long or Multiple-days Retreats, mostly Silent, with or without a theme, are offered throughout the year, for Religious and/or Laity.  Specific information for each is outlined in the brochure.  Prices will vary accordingly.

Private Retreats allow time for self-directed reflection and prayer.  Cost: $85.00 per person, per day includes room and meals.

Directed Retreats include daily sessions with a spiritual director in order to share one’s prayer experiences and to discern the Spirit’s movement in their lives.  Spiritual Directors available are:

Aline Plante, p.m., Claire Gagnon, p.m., and Ann Harriman.

Cost: $90.00 per person, per day, includes room and meals. 

Silent Focusing Directed Retreats are similar to Directed Retreats and are offered for a period of three days.  Focusing is a body-centered experience meant to carefully attend to how the body is carrying the experiences of life. When a person attends to the feelings of life in this way, it is truly a sacred moment. Aline Plante, p.m. offers these.

Cost: $90.00 per person, per day, includes room and meals.

*Individuals can come for private or directed retreats at any time, space providing.  Reservations must be made in advance.

Quiet Days of  Prayer and Reflection allow an individual to come and spend the day in quiet prayer with no over-night accommodations. Cost: $25.00 per person, includes noon meal.

Hosted Retreats are for groups that use our Center and provide their own facilitator.  Prices and schedules vary according to group needs.




Weekend Guided Retreat registration is on Friday. Programs begin at 7:15 PM.  Departure is after Sunday’s noon meal – unless otherwise noted.  Your punctuality is appreciated by staff and participants alike.  A Friday night supper is available at an additional cost of $10.00.  A three day notice is required.

Deposits are required in order to secure your registration, and credited toward the total cost. They are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Canceled checks payable to Marie Joseph Spiritual Center are to be considered your confirmation.

Deposits for Individuals:  $85 / weekend; $160 / week.

Deposits for Hosted Groups:  $20 / per person, due within 30 days after registering.  Half of total payment, NON-REFUNDABLE, is due three months prior to actual date.

Contact Information from our guests is very important in order to alert you of changes related to your stay, i.e., cancellations.  Please include your phone number and email with your registration.

Cancellations must be brought to the attention of the Retreat Secretary as soon as possible to accommodate waiting lists.

Credit Cards are not accepted for any business transactions.

Gift Certificates and partial Scholarships are available.

Room Keys not returned are subject to a $10 fee.

Donations are gratefully appreciated for our scholarship fund, and for the Center’s on-going ministry. Room fees alone do not cover the cost of operating our Retreat Center. Thank you for your generosity in making this “sacred space” available for others.




The Center Bookstore is open during scheduled times and by request.

WiFi is available at the Center.  However “plug-in” Hotspots will interfere with laptops, I-pads and I-phone communications.

For Everyone’s Health, the Center is a smoke-free environment.  Chemical scents like perfume are also discouraged. Incense and candle burning is prohibited. Fans are not provided.  Guests may bring a fan if they wish.    

For Special Health Needs, although we cannot accommodate all personal dietary choices, those who have food allergies must inform the Director of Food Services 2 weeks prior to their arrival.  Salad or raw vegetables and fruit are available at meals. Refrigeration and microwave are available on ground floor.

Cell Phone use is restricted to outside and entrance areas only on ground floor.  Please set cell phone to silence mode.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Lost & Found items, if not claimed within 30 days, are donated to charitable causes.  For claimed items returned by mail, postage will be at owner’s expense.

Reservation Information for all retreats and group programs may be obtained by contacting the Retreat Secretary at:

Marie Joseph Spiritual Center
10 Evans Road ~ Biddeford, Maine   04005-9561
Phone:  207-284-5671 weekdays only 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturday & Sunday the Registration Office is closed.
Fax:  207-286-1371

Further information can be obtained at the Reception Desk.

The Staff reserves the right of discretion regarding use of the Center.
Enjoy your stay!